Due to scheduling adjustments Sleeping Beauty will now be opening later and thus Goldilocks and the Three Bears and all subsequent shows in the 2005 season will also be pushed back.


The White Rose Theatre Company is currently only accepting applications for Company Members. To be considered as a company member review the following information and submit a current résumé, headshot, and three theatrical references to

All auditioners should be at least 16 years of age, and have a passion for performing. Auditioners should have a flexible schedule, and be interested in creating professional quality theatrical works for children. Auditioners should be versatile performers capable of effectively portray many different ages, characters, and genders.

WRTC is a touring troupe style theater company. We take our shows to elementary, daycare, and private schools around Utah, so that the children can be exposed to the performing arts. In a troupe style group, a small number of actors are cast who play many different types of characters for multiple shows for an extended period of time with the company. We are currently reformatting our troupe and company workings and recasting all of the troupe actors. Although our ending goal is to create a tight-knit group of performers who stay with the company for a long amount of time, we understand that this may take time, and are also casting for individual shows and people who would like to be considered as company members.

Although we place a high standard on versatility for our performers, the drive to try any type of character and body type – to push your self to your limit, is also one that we treasure.

As we are a fairly new company, and a touring troupe, we do not have a building to call our own. Because of this me may rehearse at art studios, or the basement of our Artistic Director. We know this may seem unusual, and perhaps unprofessional, but the drive to produce high quality shows for the children of Utah is strong enough that we could not wait the endless days to obtain a building.

We currently do not produce shows under the vision of one director. We prefer to utilize the ideas of the actors, the patrons, and the critiques, to create a production that is the best it can be. Our scripts our written by multiple people with different opinions, and sense of humor. We believe by doing this our shows can delve into the imagination of each child that watches it, and in turn become a beautiful production.

Children’s theatre is one of the most enjoyable, enriching types of theatre you will ever do. It is not as many theatres portray it to be; as simple, un-fulfilling, mindless shows.

We look forward to scheduling an audition time with you, and meeting with you in person.

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