White Rose Theatre

Located on the grounds of the Former Tetley Brewery


Box Office - 0113 870 7769


Adam Curtis


Adam has been a performer since graduating from Liverpool Theatre School and College in 2006. He has travelled over the world working for numerous companies either as an acting musician or a singer and dancer in production shows. He has performed in numberous pantomimes, from being in Dubai for the summer surprises, to performing at the Liverpool Empire over Christmas in Aladdin as the slapstick character PC Pong. Adam has also broadened his spectrum of performance in Theatre with theatre in education.

Outside of the performance roles he has been Assistant Musical Director for Bourne Leisure, Assistant Production Manager for Sheer Enchantment and Production & Stage Manager for Pantoni Pantomimes.

This year he created along with his wife (Sharlie Curtis) The Livertones which is currently on tour around the country performing to the UK Holiday market.

Along with a successful band he is the Managing Director of Live Fairytales, which is a UK leading interactive family entertainment company.